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The Challenge

Growing in line with our mission

The world population is growing — but our planet isn’t. There is a growing demand for food, while agricultural land is limited. Is there a solution to meet the demand? "Productivity" is the magic formula. Kramp is making an important contribution:

Our products and services are found everywhere in the world where there is agriculture. Our reliable spare parts contribute to reducing machinery downtime to a minimum and to optimising production. As a manufacturer of powerful components, we ensure that powerful machines can be produced. Our high-quality products and sophisticated concepts increase our customers' efficiency, quality and satisfaction. Our commitment keeps the food chain in motion, all around the world.

Creating opportunities

In addition to agricultural machinery, our priorities are the areas of forest and grasscare, construction machinery and the original equipment market (OEM). To meet the challenges of the future we are intensifying our sales activities, especially online, and we are building an international cutting-edge e-commerce platform.

We create opportunities - and if this has awakened your interest, we look forward to receiving your application!